Best Home Gym Equipment for Weight Loss And Toning

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For everyone who wants to start getting healthy at home, more power to you. And whichever way you choose to do it, you are going to improve your quality of life.

This article is specifically put together to help you start your journey. Whether you have been disappointed with your exercise machine purchases up till now, or if you are about to make the first investment, the following information could be exactly what you need.

So, take this moment to learn about the best gym equipment for weight loss and toning. Then you will have a lot more confidence when you make your decision.

Top 6 Home Gym Equipment of For Losing Weight and Toning Up

  1. Rowing Machines
  2. Smart Home Gym Mirrors
  3. Exercise Bikes with Free Weights
  4. Treadmills with Incline & Free Weights
  5. Total Gym

1. Rowing Machines

Hydrow is our top rowing machine choice

If your main priority is to get a full-body workout, and you want a single exercise machine to help you achieve this goal, do not look past rowing machines. While the design of a rowing machine does not seem like something that can change your life, it definitely will once you get into a regular routine. And every time you use a rowing machine, you exercise 85% of your muscles (mostly the lower body).

But how effectively does it burn calories? And what about muscle toning? These are important questions if you want to reach a target weight and tone your body. Luckily, a quality rowing machine covers all the boxes you need.

Top Rowing Machine Benefits

  • Burn significant calories with moderate workout intensity
  • Strengthen your upper and lower body
  • Gain control of your posture, especially if you know you slouch
  • Given that rowing does not break down muscle like eccentric movement workouts, you can work out more often
  • There is no damaging impact on your joints
  • An extensive range of rowing machine options
  • Allows you to implement HIIT and LISS training strategies
  • Specific focus on the stomach and buttocks, which are known as very tricky areas
  • Low risk of sustaining an injury because of the sitting position

Even though you probably do not see a lot of rowing machines at the gym, you can trust this piece of exercise equipment to make a dramatic difference. And the more you like your rowing machine, the more time you are going to spend on it. This is why we recommend the Hydrow.

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However, not all rowing machines are created equal. This means there is a slight chance of disappointment if you do not get the right rowing machine from the start. For instance, if the space between your feet isn’t comfortable enough, or you don’t like the dragging system, it could distract you. Hence the reason for finding a balance between affordability and quality.

Our Top Rowing Pick: The Hydrow

To help you make a comparison with other models on the market, we are going to take a deeper look at the model we consider the best in this category. The Hydrow comes with a patented dragging system that makes it feel like you are on the water with every stroke you give.

Of course, many feel the water drag system provides the most natural effect. But the special mechanism of the Hydrow substitutes that natural effect perfectly without all the maintenance.

At the same time, the Hydrow rower provides live and on-demand workouts from professional coaches. This happens through a big HD touch display which transports you to places across the globe as you row. And not all the workouts are based on using the rower.

If you want expert guidance in terms of expanding your sessions, there are many other workouts to choose from.

2. Smart Home Gym Mirrors

the echelon reflect is a top home gym mirror pick

Do you like the idea of hiding a gym instructor inside a sleek mirror? Because then you can access it every time you want to exercise – in the comfort of your own home. Smart home gym mirrors like Echelon Reflect and Tempo continue to grow in popularity.

Not only do they offer convenience, but the overall experience is motivating. Especially when you realize how many workout options are open to you. Yoga, aerobics, strength training, endurance, pilates, whatever type of exercise you are thinking about right now can probably be found on the list.

Top Benefits of Smart Home Gym Mirrors

  • Exercise at home
  • The mirror does not take up any space
  • Sleek designs and high-quality video
  • Easily find exercises you want to do

Whether you want to add additional items to your training is up to you. For example, you can add weights or other special equipment and adjust your workout session on the mirror. And if you want the most extensive range of options, we suggest going with the Echelon Reflect.

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Our Top Smart Mirror: Echelon Reflect

With smart gym mirrors, it is all about the experience. This is why the Echelon Reflect developers only use the best coaches (including celebrities) to cater to every fitness level and taste. You can also easily track your progress through the mirror while you join the community.

Participate in competitions and listen to your favorite music while you do it. Out of all the great options available to you, use the Echelon Reflect as a guideline to compare other models with.

See Echelon Reflect best price

3. Exercise Bikes with Free Weights

Echelon exercise bike

Another great way to reach a target weight and tone your body is by using exercise bikes with free weights. There is no impact involved and you still get to exercise your upper body from a safe position. More importantly, you can burn quite a few calories during a spin session.

For the most part, indoor exercise bikes are designed to be compact, making them such a popular choice at home. Some models even come with free weights that can quickly be mounted on the bike. And when you implement these weights during your spin sessions, you turn it into a full-body workout.

Top Exercise Bike Benefits

  • Low impact
  • Many models are compact enough to accommodate small spaces
  • Less chance of sustaining an injury given the sitting position
  • Full-body workout when the free weights are used
  • Spinning is well-known for burning carbs
  • There is a world of exercise bikes to choose from

As with everything else, you want to pay specific attention to certain details and features. For example, how many resistance levels does the bike have, and is it stable when you push the limits? Does it run smoothly and silently? And how long will you be able to use the bike before it starts giving problems?

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Our Top Connected Exercise Bike: Echelon

Our recommendation for people of all fitness levels is the Echelon exercise bike range. Just like with the smart gym mirror, you get access to unlimited workouts from the best in the business via the app. And, of course, you get a bike that functions so well, you won’t mind scheduling more time on it. The Echelon range literally has something for everyone. Whether you are working with a tight budget or you simply want a high-end quality exercise bike, start with something from Echelon.

Some quick features about the Echelon bike range include:

  • Adjustable toe cages
  • NEW motor with precision 32 resistance levels
  • Operates quietly
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable consoles that flip 180 degrees
  • Extensive and immersive workout programs

Learn more and see current Echelon bike prices.

4. Treadmills with Incline & Free Weights

the Stride Treadmill

If you need to be on your feet when you exercise, the treadmill has been a key piece of exercise equipment for years. Of course, a lot of improvements have been made. For example, many treadmills can fold for easy storage these days. And the belts are reinforced with different layers of material to reduce impact.

Treadmills also provide a very predictable terrain when you compare it to the street or sidewalk, even when they can offer an incline that targets your lower back.

In addition to several hardware upgrades, treadmills now come with bigger displays that you can interact with. Depending on the model you choose, you can unlock some great workout programs that include the use of free weights. And when you have a professional trainer to show you how to get the most out of a treadmill, you are likely to feel more motivated.

Top Treadmill Benefits

  • Avoid unpredictable terrains
  • New models come with incline levels and interactive displays
  • Modern belts offer less impact
  • Treadmills are very easy to operate
  • Certain models fold up for storage
  • Free weights can easily be added to maximize your workout

While there is no lack of treadmill options, it is recommended to use a lot of scrutiny before making a final decision. For instance, when a treadmill features incline levels, what is the incline range? And what about the max speed?

Our Top Treadmill? Echelon Stride

The reasons for our recommendation are simple. On top of getting access to a broad range of on-demand and live workouts via an HD interactive display, the Echelon Stride takes walking and running to new heights of gratification.

You get 12 incline levels and a max speed of 12mph. Then it easily folds up to make storage more convenient. It features a very sleek design that is stable and durable.

See Echelon Stride best deal.

5. Total Gym

a woman uses the Total Gym

We end the list with a slightly broader option, namely Total Gym. This exercise brand has been around since the 1970s, and over the years, it has added equipment as well as workout programs to the market. In short, they like to keep their equipment compact and effective, while some of their workout programs are utilized for therapy and recovery.

That’s right.

Total Gym designs and distributes high-quality exercise machines, they’ve started a community with more than 5 million members, and their workouts can do more than just help you lose weight.

Once you visit the online store, you will be introduced to the range of Total Gym exercise equipment, as well as the valuable workout programs. But the real magic happens when you put the two together.

Keep in mind that one piece of Total Gym exercise equipment can offer several different workouts. Whether you are recovering from an injury, just starting out, or you have been in the game for several years, Total Gym is worth the look.

The best thing about using a Total Gym system is how you get to target specific areas of your body. Thanks to experienced and professional guidance from the trainers, you can quickly get into the habit of burning calories as you tone your body.

Check Total Gym best price.

Summary: Tips For Picking the Best Machine For You

Even when you narrow down your health goals to losing weight and muscle toning, there are still many elements that will influence the results you get. For starters, you could be working with a tight budget and this limits your choices. Or you have to prioritize the space factor.

How much space is the exercise machine going to take and do you have enough? There are still some helpful questions to ask yourself before looking at any recommendations.

Our Top Choice? The Hydrow

And while you chalk up those questions, there are going to be many different opinions about the examples mentioned above. Some individuals are going to swear by the exercise bike, while others are going to love the smart mirrors. But all things considered – and your main goals involve weight loss and toning – the Hydrow rower would be our ultimate suggestion.

From start to finish, you get a full-body workout. The experience (drag mechanism combined with the interactive display) truly provides a sense of “realism”, as if you could be out on the water. Add to this an extensive range of workout programs that give on and off-machine training, and you could be well on your way towards reaching your fitness goals. Plus, there is just something special about rowing that isn’t present in other workout machines.

With the Hydrow, you’ll be getting a quality exercise machine that does a great job working your whole body. And if you decide to choose something else, you will still see great results if you stay motivated enough.