Hydrow vs. Ergatta: The Top Connected Rower is?

Hydrow vs. Ergatta: The Top Connected Rower is?

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Even before the global pandemic hit, home workout solutions were growing in popularity. As our world becomes increasingly connected, it only made sense that home workout equipment did the same. This has led to the widespread adoption of connected workout equipment solutions.

However, a lot of the home workout solutions were limited in terms of providing a comprehensive workout for users. Many addressed only the lower body like cycling machines and treadmills. This led to there being a significant gap in the market for fully connected and total body workout equipment.

While there are a lot of rowing machines on the market that offer total body workouts, there were few that offered the same kind of connected experience that many wanted.

With the introduction of Hydrow and Ergatta, it gives consumers the ability to get a total body workout machine without having to sacrifice having a fully connected experience. After all, countless studies have shown that rowing offers a high rate of fat oxidation than cycling [1].

When it comes to getting a rowing machine that offers a connected experience, there still aren’t many to choose from. In fact, you pretty much have the choice between two connected rowers including the Hydrow and the Ergatta.

Both of these connected rowing machines have their own unique-value propositions making them worthy of consideration.

If you are in the process of researching them, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we will be going over a thorough comparison between the two to help you make a well-informed purchasing decision.

Ergatta vs. Hydrow Feature Comparison

live rowing on the hydrow

1. Display

Each of these rowing machines features a connected display that offers a multi-sensory approach to working out. On these displays, you will see workouts, instructions, and more.


  • The Ergatta offers a beautiful 17.3-inch high-definition display to immerse you in their ‘gamified’ workout experience. It’s the perfect screen for getting the most from their workout platform, and you’re sure to appreciate it’s sleek and sophisticated interface.

Learn more about the Ergatta display at their website.


  • The Hydrow features a whopping 22-inch high definition sweat and dust resistant display. With powerful built-in speakers. This makes it the ideal screen for streaming your workouts in crystal clear clarity.

2. Design

There are two components that you should be considering when it comes to judging the design of the rowing machine.

First, you might want to look at the aesthetics. However, more importantly, the form and function has to be considered as well.

Here, two manufacturers took very different approaches to their design process, but even so, both rowers are incredibly eye-catching, are modern looking, and would look great in your home, office, or gym.


ergatta rower

You can tell the Ergatta (read review) was designed to be the perfect complement to the living room, or anywhere else in your home for that mater.

Ergatta manufactures with WaterRower, a company that has been building rowing machines for nearly 30 years.

It is made up of very décor-friendly cherry wood. Likewise, it is capable of folding up and stashing in a very compact space, but you may just want to leave it out to impress your friends.

The WaterRower that Ergatta is built on uses water to create the necessary resistance for the rowing process, and is a design proven to help you get the most from your workouts.

On top of all that, Ergatta offers a 5 year warranty, is made from commercial-grade materials, and their WaterRower is consistently highly-rated for its quality, functionality, and long-term durability. Clearly, this is a rower that is built to last.

Learn more about the Ergatta’s design at their website.


the hydrow rower

The Hydrow (read review) was designed to offer a seamless design that paired form with function. You can tell the manufacturer wanted to prioritize performance and durability over aesthetics.

This is likely why they decided to utilize commercial-grade components featuring a sturdy aluminum frame with an ergonomic design. This ensures that the rowing machine is built to last.

They even managed to incorporate the industrial-grade webbed strap to offer frictionless and silent resistance.

You are able to purchase an optional Hydrow Upright Storage Kit if you are looking to gain the ability to store the Hydrow vertically for space-saving capabilities.

Learn more about Hydrow’s design at their website.

(Winner: Tie)

Each rowing machine offers unique advantages to its designs. Both really offer a smooth and excellent rowing experience that makes you want to hop on the machine to workout.

If storage is an issue, both the Hydrow and Ergatta can easily be folded up and tucked away.

While one person may prefer Ergatta’s design, another may prefer Hydrow’s. Ultimately, your decision will probably come down to the type of workouts they offer, more on that below:

Connected Workout Comparison: Tips for Deciding the Right Workout Platform for You

When it comes to deciding between the Ergatta workout experience versus Hydrow workouts, the first thing you may want to consider is what type of fitness experience you’re looking for.

Here are some tips for deciding which type of workout experience you might prefer:


  • If you’re looking for a “Peloton-like” experience then the Hydrow may be the rower for you.
  • If you don’t necessarily want studio-based workouts, but like the idea of working out outside, consider Hydrow
  • If you prefer classes that are led by an instructor, then the Hydrow may be the better fit.
  • If you want to row in scenic waterways around the world with and without an instructor, consider Hydrow
  • If you’re an ex-rower, or you are looking for an experience that is similar to being out on the water and rowing, then the Hydrow may be the better fit.

Learn more about the Hydrow experience at their website.


  • If you don’t consider yourself a fitness class person, then the Ergatta may be the better fit for you.
  • If you’re a gamer you may prefer the Ergatta experience
  • If you’re competitive, appreciate real-time feedback, and high levels of interactivity, then you may prefer Ergatta.
  • Their interactive and competitive gaming-inspired workout experience seems to resonated with folks who don’t necessarily love fitness classes, or being led by an instructor.

Learn more about the Ergatta experience at their website.

(Winner: Depends on Your Workout Preference)

As we detailed above, ultimately it will come down to the experience you’re looking for. Both the Ergatta and Hydrow have a lot to offer in terms of an immersive workout experience, you just have to decide if you prefer Ergatta’s gaming-inspired workouts, of if you’re a person who might benefit from Hydrow’s live and on demand instructor-led workouts.

Price Comparison: Which Connected Rower is Cheaper?


  • The Ergatta rowing machine starts at $2,199.


  • The Hydrow rowing machine is available at $2245

(Winner: Ergatta)

As you can see, Ergatta gets the edge in the pricing department. If their interactive “gaming” experience sounds appealing, and you want to save some money, then you may want to consider them first.

If you’re looking for a live and on demand rowing experience, then Hydrow may be the better fit.

Their pricing options are close enough that it probably comes down to which type of platform you prefer, and either one is a great option depending on your personal rowing preferences.

Comparison Summary: The More Complete Connected Rower is?

Each of these rowing machines offers a lot of value to anyone looking for a connected rowing machine. Each provides an exceptional and comprehensive workout experience for users, both look great, and each one is backed by many positive customer testimonials.

Ultimately, you have to decide the design you’re looking for, the space you have, and the type of workout that you find more appealing.

Here are a few tips for helping you make the final decision:

You should buy a Hydrow if…

  • You’re looking for a rowing workout experience similar to Peloton
  • You want to stream live and on demand workouts
  • You prefer instructor-led classes
  • You prefer working out outside instead of in a studio
  • You want a rowing experience similar to being on the water
  • You prefer their sleek and modern looking design

You should buy an Ergatta if…

  • You’re not a huge fan of instructor-led classes
  • You’re still competitive though, but would prefer their gaming-inspired workouts
  • You’d appreciate real-time feedback, and plenty of interactivity
  • If you like the elegant furniture-like aesthetic of the Ergatta
  • You want a commercial-grade rower, that is sleek, sophisticated and easy to store

Check current Ergatta price at their website.


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