Echelon Rower Reviews: Price, Workouts, Pros & Cons

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The world of fitness continues to amaze with new-age innovations, unique workouts, and live streaming capabilities.

Recent studies have shown increasing popularity among the masses when it comes to enjoying live and on-demand workouts. However, these workouts have often been limited to stationary bikes and not everyone is fond of cycling.

While it was impossible to find valuable live workouts on other machines, this has all changed with the Echelon Smart Rower.

This is the first time Echelon has taken the opportunity to release a top-drawer rowing machine that’s packed with impressive features.

For those interested in giving it a chance, here is a detailed review of what it has to offer, how it works, and whether or not it’s a legitimate fit for your home gym.

What is the Echelon Smart Rower?

Here’s a quick look at what the Echelon Rower brings to the table:

The Echelon Smart Rower is a contemporary take on a classic piece of equipment.

This all-encompassing rowing machine aims to improve on the rower and take it to the next level.

To do this, Echelon has packed the machine with a selection of features and software capabilities.

One of the revolutionary perks of this rowing machine would be its live-streaming workouts with professional instructors. For those wanting to go through their paces using a pre-recorded workout, Echelon has also included an endless stream of on-demand classes.

Echelon has taken everything that has made its Smart Bike and Home Mirror Gym popular and put it into the Smart Rower.

How to Use it With the Echelon Fit App

The Echelon Fit App can be downloaded using any Apple and/or Android device.

There are two models available when buying the Smart Rower. One model provides a 21.5″ Touchscreen, while the other allows users to mount their tablet into place to access the app.

Users can easily download the app through their device, toggle through the membership plans, and sign up in seconds. This provides comprehensive access to a long list of live-streaming classes, on-demand workouts, and more.

Live + On Demand Rowing Workouts

a rowing workout on the Echelon App

This is the main selling point when it comes to the Echelon Smart Rower.

Being able to access up-to-date live-streaming classes in seconds is simply outstanding. Users can pick and choose which workout works best for their needs as the library of classes continues to grow with each passing day.

The classes go after specific target goals including fat-burning, muscle toning, endurance, and more.

The idea of instructor-led classes appeals to those who want guidance while using the Smart Rower. It’s a wonderful opportunity for beginners to get up and running while pushing themselves physically.

Each on-demand training video has been specifically cultivated to help showcase how to use the Smart Rower.

This allows users to pause their class, go through the training video, and optimize how they complete a routine.

This is what pushes users to the next level and makes it easier to become a healthier individual.

Features and Specs

Main Specifications include:

  • Dimensions: 86” x 21” x 48”
  • Screen Size: 21.5-inch
  • Rail Angle: 1.7 Degrees

1. Adjustable Resistance

The Echelon Smart Rower provides an easy to use setup when it comes to increasing or decreasing resistance. By giving users up to 32 levels of resistance, it’s easy to customize the workout and maximize how much resistance is applied.

To do this, all it takes is a simple press of the button located on the handle.

Having this level of control is essential when it comes to getting more out of a workout session.

By pressing a button, users don’t have to take the time to get off, play around with manual adjustments, and lose their rhythm. Instead, with a press of the button, the resistance level changes in a matter of milliseconds.

2. 21.5″ Touchscreen

The Echelon Smart Rower is available in two distinct models.

The first model provides a simple tablet mount, which is compatible with any Apple and/or Android tablet. The second model comes equipped with a crystal clear 21.5″ touchscreen display.

The touchscreen is responsive, easy to use, and is fully integrated with the Echelon Fit App. This makes it easy to toggle between live-streaming classes and training videos while using the rower. This simplicity is enticing when it comes to maximizing the workout routine.

3. Easy-Fold Design

Being able to store the Smart Rower after an intense workout is important. Users can easily fold the Smart Rower and put it away due to its easy-fold design.

It takes no more than a few seconds to have the machine ready for storage.

When it is folded into position, the track will pull vertically while keeping everything else in the same spot. This saves space and creates a more compact piece of equipment that can be put away for another day.

4. App Streaming

The Echelon Smart Rower is right in line with other products sold by this fitness brand. The Echelon Fit App is fully-integrated into how this rowing machine works and allows users to play around with different routines based on their target goals.

Along with enjoying the Smart Rower, it’s also possible to sync other Echelon equipment including the Home Mirror and Smart Connect Bike. This is ideal for those wanting a comprehensive look at their physical data while rotating between machines.

4. Comfortable Cushioning

This rowing machine is renowned for its “Smart” features but it’s the comfort that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Echelon has designed an ergonomic machine that’s versatile and comfortable from top to bottom. All contact points are resolute, cozy, and ideal for a long rowing workout.

This includes using magnetic resistance to provide a streamlined pulling experience during the rowing movement. This ensures there’s no hitching when a person completes the workout.

Rower Pros and Cons

rower reatures and specs


1. Foldable Design

It starts with the foldable design as that is one of the most important features for those wanting to store away the rower after a workout.

Imagine setting up the Echelon Smart Rower in a small apartment and wanting to put it away in the closet after a comprehensive workout. If that is a situation you can relate to, this is a compact machine that is comprehensively designed.

The folding mechanism is exceptionally designed and doesn’t take a long time to use.

Within seconds, you can have the rower folded into a manageable size before storing it away for another day.

2. 32 Levels of Resistance

Echelon is a leading fitness brand for a reason and it has to do with the company’s attention to detail. They realize it is not just about building a selection of on-demand workouts and calling it a day.

As a result, they have designed one of the top-tier rowing machines on the market right now using multiple levels of resistance.

This ensures users can easily toggle between 32 levels of resistance and fine-tune their workout based on how they feel at that specific moment.

Such customization is empowering and a great way to feel good about your workout routine.

3. Live Streaming Fitness Classes

While the rowing machine offers a long list of wonderful features, it’s the live streaming fitness classes that woo users.

Within seconds, you can hop onto the rower and join a professional class that is taking place live.

What better way to build a fitter body than to join a professional instructor for your routine?

This is a great way to follow through with your workout, maintain a high intensity, and ensure you gain results over the long haul.

These live streaming fitness classes are a great way to feel good about your overall health.

4. Built to Last

The machine is made of heavy-duty steel and isn’t going to damage easily.

For those who are going to rigorously use the machine and move it around the house, it makes sense to go with something as durable as the Echelon Smart Rower.

The manufacturer has taken the time to design something that is not only amazing to use but also long-lasting at the same time. The build quality is second to none.

5. Low Impact Workout

This is one of those underrated advantages that users don’t think about until they use the Echelon Smart Rower.

In general, the rowing machine has been designed to remain light on the joints due to its ergonomic setup.

The Smart Rower focuses on providing a comfortable seat for users to enjoy while rowing. This seat protects the body and allows an individual to feel in control of the movement from beginning to conclusion. Along with it being easy on the knees, it is also wonderful for the wrists. This has to do with the perfectly designed handle and how the rowing movement is completed.

Due to the built-in magnetic resistance, the rowing movement is as smooth as it needs to be. This means the wrists and elbows are fully protected during the rowing movement even as the resistance is increased.


1. Demands Effort

This isn’t a “miracle pill” and doesn’t promise the world to those unwilling to put in the effort. Just like any other machine in your home gym, there has to be a certain amount of effort put into each workout to maximize your physique. This is why those willing to put in the hard work cherish machines that push them to the next level.

If a person is ready to put in the work, this is truly a remarkable rower and offers a slew of features worth your time.

2. Premium Pricing

While this is one of the most effective and professionally-designed rowing machines on the market right now, it does come at a hefty price.

Echelon takes pride in delivering state-of-the-art equipment and the same applies to their Echelon Smart Rower.

It provides a wonderful selection of high-end features including some of the finest live workout options available right now but it comes with premium pricing.

Those willing to pay this price are going to end up with a world-class rower that’s easy to use, safe, and packed with valuable features.

All that said, when you consider everything the Echelon Rower offers, we consider well worth the cost.

Price: How Much Does the Echelon Rower Cost?

  • Echelon Smart Rower + 1 Month Membership Plan = $839.98
  • Echelon Smart Rower + 1-Year Membership Plan = $1,199.98
  • Echelon Smart Rower + 2-Year Membership Plan = $1,399.98

See current Echelon Rower prices.

Summary: Should You Buy One?

Yes, the Echelon Smart Rower is a step above anything else on the market.

Along with its impressive catalog of workouts, the live streaming workouts are a joy to behold. It is also one of the most effective, well-designed rowing machines being sold right now making it a no-brainer for your home gym.

Invest in the Echelon Smart Rower and enjoy the perks of a world-class rower.

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