is the echelon reflect or mirror better

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In the world of mirror home gyms, there are two names that stand out more than anything else.

Whether it is the Echelon Reflect or the MIRROR, these products have earned critical acclaim from some of the world’s leading home gym experts.

For those hoping to make an educated decision on which one is better, it’s time to go through this detailed comparison.

Price Comparison: Which One is Cheaper?

1. Echelon Reflect

  • 40-Inch Model = $1,040
  •  50-Inch Model = $1,640
  • Monthly App Subscription = $39 (Can be Cheaper with Promo Code)
  • Optional FitPass System About $99 per Month


  • 50-Inch Model = $1,450
  • Monthly Subscription = $39

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Both of these companies offer a monthly subscription that is the heartbeat of how their product works.

It’s important to account for this cost while figuring out which mirror home gym is the right fit for your needs. Please note, MIRROR only offers one size to customers (50-inch) while Echelon Reflect has two models with their 40-inch not providing touchscreen capability.

The company also provides a separate FitPass system for its live workouts.

Features Comparison

1. Echelon Reflect Features

echelon reflect

Touchscreen Capability with 50 Inch Reflect

One of the main differentiating factors associated with the Echelon Reflect is its touchscreen capability.

Imagine being able to walk up to the mirror home gym, swiping a few times, and selecting a workout that is in sync with your requirements. Isn’t this what having a product like the Echelon Reflect is all about?

The developers behind this screen have taken the time to prioritize quality control and it shows through how consistent the touchscreen is and how responsive the swipes are.

Users can easily toggle through different settings and enjoy the navigational process.

The simplicity of its design and how well the mirror home gym works is what makes it appealing as a touchscreen solution.

Whether you are toggling at the edge of the screen or right in the middle, it is just as responsive from end to end.

This is an essential requirement while swiping with sweaty hands and wanting to make sure it doesn’t smudge the screen in seconds.

Due to how the top surface is designed, the touchscreen is not only responsive but doesn’t get dirty quickly.

This is ideal for those who want to make sure the mirror home gym doesn’t look messy when it is turned off at the end of a workout session.

90-Degree Rotation

This is one of those underrated features that are often useful while working out home and pumping through different exercises.

A person that is going to be working out hard will want a solution that is flexible and isn’t going to require them to stand in the same spot for hours.

Instead, you can easily play around with the Echelon Reflect until you are happy with how it is positioned.

This is what makes it such a powerful and effective mirror home gym as soon as it is set up.

You can easily take it out and play around with how it is positioned. This includes positioning it at a 90-degree setup to make sure you can view it from the side.

This is something that empowers users and allows them to play around with how they work out at home.

Rather than getting stuck in the same spot, the Echelon Reflect offers an opportunity to try out new areas around the room while still getting in a good workout at the same time.

This is the real charm of the Echelon Reflect and how it stands out as a modern mirror home gym.

Live + On Demand Workouts

One of the top priorities for the development team behind this fascinating mirror home gym was to provide high-grade monthly subscription service.

This includes the unbelievable FitPass system that ensures users can toggle through live workouts and end up with something truly invigorating.

There is a certain freshness that comes along with this subscription service that makes it stand out. You are not going to be left in a situation where the workouts get boring and you end up quitting.

Instead, you can easily go through the live workouts that are on the platform and choose the one that works best for you.

This simplicity is something that makes working out at home fun again.

Each live workout is performed by a qualified trainer that has years of experience in assisting users. This is one of the best ways to feel under control at all times while working out.

The body is going to be challenged when the live workout session begins and this is what the average user wants as soon as they turn on the Echelon Reflect.

The development team has spent a lot of time on this feature and it shows through the quality of each live workout.

2. MIRROR Features

mirror home gym

Smartphone Integration

When it comes to the MIRROR, it is one of those home gym solutions that settle in nicely and offer incredible value.

It is sleek, easy on the eyes, and simply works like a charm while offering comprehensive smartphone integration.

When you set up the app on your smartphone and sync it with the MIRROR, you are going to enjoy access to multiple workouts through the mobile device.

This is easier for some that don’t want to walk up to a touchscreen and prefer having access through their smartphone.

It’s all about preference and the app associated with the MIRROR is one of the better options on the market right now from a development perspective.

The smartphone integration is done seamlessly and works both on the iOS and the Android platform.

This makes it ideal for those who don’t want to have to worry about their smartphone not syncing with the MIRROR.

The attention to detail on building a user-friendly app is what makes it easy to use. In no more than a few seconds, you can begin toggling through the settings as a user that wants to work out at home.


50″ Display

The MIRROR only has one display on offer and that comes in at 50″.

The display is excellent and offers impressive range when it comes to working out under harsh lighting.

Users will still easily make out what is going on while working out and it isn’t going to be impeded by internal conditions at home. As long as it is set up at the right height, it is going to be a joy to use and offers incredible depth as a 50″ screen.

This is enough for those who want to make the most of their workout session without having to think twice about what they are looking at.

MIRROR has taken the time to develop a screen that fills up from one end to the other. This maximizes how the 50″ screen is used and how well it responds to the user’s actions.

When the workout routine is displayed, the screen is picture-perfect and works well for those who want to make sure they’re getting a lot out of each session.

The unit itself comes in at a mere 70 lbs. making it one of the lighter options on the market. It is sleek, refined, and a good fit for the average home as soon as it is set up.

Custom Workouts

One of the main features associated with the MIRROR has to do with its tailor-made workouts.

What does it mean to have a customized workout selection that is based on what you require as an end-user?

In general, the premise is to go through a simple questionnaire that is put in front of the user as soon as they begin to use the MIRROR.

In no more than a few minutes, users can enjoy a set of workout programs that are in tune with what their goals are.

Whether you are someone that is looking to shed a few pounds or build a bit of muscle, the MIRROR is going to be ready to help.

This is what makes it such an exciting mirror home gym for those who want to work out the right way.

Take the questionnaire, choose what works best for you, and then enjoy access to a great list of workout routines.

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Overview of Both Smart Mirrors

1. Echelon Reflect Overview

a man uses the Echelon Reflect

The Echelon Reflect is an all-encompassing mirror home gym that comes in two distinct sizes (40-inch and 50-inch) with the larger screen providing touchscreen capability. See our complete Echelon Reflect review for more details.

With its unique set of workouts and live workout options, the user gets to enjoy a powerful experience during each workout session.

The developers have taken the time to craft a seamless user interface that is easy on the eyes and works well as soon as it is time to walk up to the mirror home gym and start swiping.

The monthly subscription program is ideal for the average user and is accompanied by the FitPass system for those willing to pay more.

This is a unique mirror home gym that has a little bit of everything and doesn’t take up too much space at home.

It will settle into the background while offering a slew of high-grade features that are ideal for modern users.

2. MIRROR Overview

a woman uses the mirror

The MIRROR is among the market leaders when it comes to mirror home gyms and comes in one size (50-inch screen).

It is a unique blend of features that are powered through its accompanying smartphone app.

Take the opportunity to log into the app and see what the different settings are all about.

A simple questionnaire is provided during the setup process to help users pick and choose what they require from the MIRROR.

It weighs 70 lbs. and has a sleek design that is ideal for modern homes.

With its power-packed set of features and unique appearance, the MIRROR is an example of something that has been made with a purpose and has an appealing user interface.

While the MIRROR doesn’t have a touchscreen or live workout catalog, it is a unique option that has its benefits.

Summary: Which One is Best?

Both the MIRROR and Echelon Reflect are jam-packed with intriguing features but one stands out more, for us…

The Echelon Reflect is a perfect example of design quality, safety, and high-end features that are perfect for contemporary setups.

Whether it is the impressive catalog of workouts or the touchscreen option, this is the ultimate choice for those who want to spice up their home gym.

Invest in the high-grade Echelon Reflect and know it is going to last for a long time while delivering an impressive set of workout routines.

It’s a must-buy, in our opinion. Learn more below: