review of the Ergatta gamin rowing machine

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It’s no secret that rowing is one of the best workouts you can do if you want to target your entire body, plus get in some cardio.

The problem is, rowing can be hard, but fortunately there’s a new way to make your workouts a lot more fun.

It’s called Ergatta, and it’s a connected rowing workout built on a beautiful WaterRower machine. While many other “smart” rowers connect you with an instructor-led studio-style workout class, Ergatta takes a different approach.

Ergatta is built on a “gaming” inspired platform, that makes your workouts fun, competitive, and engaging.

In this Ergatta Review, we’ll tell y0u why this just may be the perfect rower for you, especially if you’ve been looking for something different from everything else out there.

How Does the Ergatta Work?

an overview of how Ergatta works

Ergatta is a smart rowing machine that offers a workout platform that is “gaming” inspired. But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, Ergatta work through a series of different workout challenges, that we’ll detail below. It’s a lot different than your traditional interactive workout platforms, like Peloton, for example.

Instead of serving you up a suite of live and on demand instructor-led classes, Ergatta is made for those who prefer something different.

It’s for those who don’t want an instructor led-class, or a studio-style workout, but still want an interactive fitness option that’s fun, provides metrics and feedback in real time, and allows you to compete against other members of the Ergatta community.

Here’s a quick look at the workouts Ergatta has available:

Ergatta Workouts

The Ergatta workout platform is a first-of-its kind, that offers a gaming experience for you to participate in form the comfort of home.

Their platform utilizes  an active intelligence system that challenges you based on your individual needs and fitness level, provides real-time feedback, helps you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

New workouts are added every week, under the following programs:

  • Race Workout: Compete against other Ergatta members in competitive head-to-head races.
  • Open Row: These sessions will be more laid back, and you’re calling the shots. Compete against yourself in distance and time goals.
  • Interval Workouts: These workouts will help you build endurance through an interval-based HIIT system.
  • Push Programs: Goals-based training programs, that gradually get more intense over time.

Think the Ergatta might be a good fit?

Rower Specs

one of the workouts on the HD screen

As we’ve detailed, Ergatta is built on a beautiful WaterRower. There are a few reasons why this worth mentioning, but perhaps the most important, is that these things are beautiful and built to last.

WaterRower’s been making rowing machines for 30 years, and are considered an industry leader because of their dedication to making high-quality rowers right here in the U.S.A.

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All Ergatta rowers are built on a WaterRower that features beautiful cherry wood, offers a 5 year warranty, and are assembled by a professional after delivery.

The Ergatta uses real water to generate resistance, which creates a very quite rowing experience, is easy on your body, and looks pretty cool too.

Here are some of the specs and features:

  • 17.3″ High-Def Android-Powered Touchscreen
  • Hand Made in U.S.
  • Max User Weight 500 LBS
  • Up to 6’8″ User Height
  • Dimensions When in Use: 86″ x 23″ x 40″
  • Dimensions When Stored Upright: 23″ x 22.5″ 86″ (About the Size of a Barstool)
  • Machine Weight: 103 LBS (76.5 LBS without water)
  • Wheels on Back to Easily Move and Store Rower

Is There an Ergatta WaterRower Upgrade Package?

Yes. If you already own a WaterRower, you can easily add the Ergatta gaming system. Visit the Ergatta website to learn more.

Can You Use the Rower without the Ergatta App?

Yes, if you choose to go that route, you could use your Ergatta without using the app. Personally, I don’t know why anyone would want to go that route if they own an Ergatta, but it’s a question we’ve seen, so felt compelled to answer. If you’re wanting to go that route, you would probably be better off buying a standard WaterRower.

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Customer Reviews

Ergatta enjoys a very solid rating from their customers, with 96% of reviewers leaving 5-star feedback at last check.

You can hear from verified customers at their website, and here are a couple for you to consider here. For me, the first review pretty much sums up the year I’ve had so far!:

2020 has been a rough year, but the best thing I have done for my physical and mental health was buy the Ergatta. I live in a small (<500sq ft) apartment and both my partner and I are working from home. The Ergatta has a small footprint and fits well. It’s honestly been a blessing to have, and the new races and workouts keep it fresh. I really like that the company is always asking customers for feedback and then they release new features based on it. I had an issue with my tablet after a couple of months and the customer service team was fantastic and super helpful. The Ergatta is an expensive purchase, and I held off a bit because I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend so much. So far it’s been worth every penny and I’m glad I went for it!

Best piece of workout equipment ever! I was not a rower prior to COVID, but purchased the Ergatta to include as part of my home gym. It has become part of my (almost) daily routine, and the various different ways you can engage (e.g., racing, interval training, games) make it such that you can tailor your workout to how you are feeling that day. In addition, rowing is the best full body, intense-but-low-impact workout out there. To top it off, the machine itself looks like a piece of art. Cannot recommend the product enough!

I’ve had the rower for a couple of weeks, my wife and I really enjoy it, even my kids will climb on and try to do it. The races are fun and competitive, free rowing is relaxing,and there are some solid training options. The software needs a little work, a couple of times there have been a couple little bugs when it’s starting up, but outside of that it’s been fun and simple. I would love to have an instructor row where I could follow along with them or get more critique on form and pace from a person. I believe this is a newer product but it’s sleek and easy to navigate and I’m sure with time it will continue improving so I’m not docking any points. I’ve really enjoyed it, I would recommend to a friend any day of the week. I think for anyone who is new or intermediate, this a great machine to have. I plan on using it for many years to come, cheers!

Read more reviews at the Ergatta website.

What I Love About the Ergatta

What’s not to like? Seriously, this thing is amazing! From the beautiful design, to the amazing gaming-inspired interface, there really is nothing to complain about when it comes to this machine.

I’m certain that if you do decide to buy this machine, you will be happy with the purchase, especially if you’re looking for something different than the other connected options out there.

The gaming-style workouts that Ergatta offers are fun, engaging, and a great way to stay motivated. If I’m being totally honest, going to the gym and staying in shape has been a constant struggle for me. I can stick with it in spurts, but inevitably flame out.

With the Ergatta, that isn’t the case – I now have a  reason to keep going. My workouts are fun, I can compete against other members, and I’m not being barked at my a fitness instructor. It’s just me, my rower, and a gaming-style workout that I love.


If you’re looking for complaints about the Ergatta I really don’t have any. If I had to guess what one complaint could be, it might be the price tag. At just over two grand, this machine isn’t cheap, but what kind of value do you place on your health? Plus, they offer financing for those who qualify. On top of that, WaterRower’s are built to last, come with a 5 year warranty, and are made from commercial grade materials. The Ergatta is well worth the price tag, in my opinion.

How Much Does Ergatta Cost?

The Ergatta costs $2,199, plus $29 per month or $290 per year for a membership to their app. These prices were current at the time of this review – see their most up-to-date prices here.

Why Rowing Workouts?

So why did Ergatta go with a rower – they could’ve been built on any piece of workout equipment, right? Sure, I supposed Ergatta could have been built on a bike, and maybe they’ll offer a biking option someday, but there’s a good reason they went the rowing route – it’s an amazing workout!

When you take part in an Ergatta workout you can expect:

  • A Full-Body Workout: Rowing workouts target 86% of your muscle groups
  • To burn twice as many calories when compared to a spin workout
  • A low-impact workout: Great option for those of us with sore knees from running.


Ergatta brings gaming to your rowing workouts, and all we can really say is that you have to try it to see how fun this can be.

If you’ve been looking for a connected workout option that will keep you motivated, is fun, allows you to compete against people from all over the world, and will look amazing in your home, then we recommend considering the Ergatta.

Their gamin-inspired workout platform is the perfect solution for those who don’t want a studio experience like Peloton, but still value their fitness and competitive nature. If this sounds like you, then we’d say Ergatta may just be the perfect fit…