Echelon Reflect vs Tonal

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Home workout equipment has always been convenient. However, with the latest advances in technology, there has never been a better time to invest in some of the leading and most innovative brands in the industry.

Smart fitness machines have been growing in demand ever since the very first one was introduced. With more and more home workout equipment offering advanced smart features, you can get a gym-like experience in the comfort of your own home. That is exactly what you are able to get with both Echelon Reflect and Tonal.

Below, we will be going over how you can decide between the two very popular smart fitness.

Features Overview: Is Tonal or Echelon Reflect Better?

Echelon Reflect Features

a woman uses the echelon reflect

  • How Does It Work?

The Echelon Reflect (get the full details with our review of the Reflect) is an interactive workout mirror that features both a high definition display and full online connectivity. It essentially brings your very own personal trainer to any room in your home. You can sign-up for and take a variety of classes led by a professional trainer.

  • What Models Are Available?

The Echelon Reflect is available in 40” and 50” Touch models. Therefore, you will be able to choose from two different models.

The 40” model comes with a monthly subscription. You can purchase an annual subscription to reduce the total cost of the home workout training. This model comes in at 26 pounds and it is made up of high-quality glass. The screen that is built into the display offers a 1080p resolution at 60hz. Therefore, it is a very high-quality display packed into the mirror.

The 50” model comes with a monthly subscription. You can purchase an annual plan to save money on the monthly cost for the Reflect membership. This mirror weighs in at 52 pounds. The 50” version comes with a 32” high definition touchscreen display. Because you can interact with the touchscreen on this version, you do not need to download a mobile application in order to use it.

The mirror/display is sweat proof and it offers one of the most immersive experiences you can find on the market. You will be able to access live-streaming classes from anywhere in the world and every live class is available to stream later through their on-demand service.

  • Does Echelon Reflect Offer Live Classes/Workouts?

Yes, with the Echelon Reflect, you get to choose from live classes directly from professionals. However, to gain access to live classes, you need to have a monthly or annual subscription. The subscription starts at $39.99 per month.

See all Echelon Reflect features at their website.

Tonal Features

a guy works out with the tonal

  • How Does It Work?

Tonal offers a very different experience. Tonal touts itself as “The Ultimate Strength Training Machine.” They have a patented digital weight system that is capable of delivering one of the smoothest weight lifting experiences you can get from any piece of workout equipment. It utilizes both magnets and electricity to deliver up to 200 pounds of resistance in a device that takes up less space than you would assume.

Best of all, Tonal provides expert-led programs in order to get step by step guidance on your workouts. Because Tonal features built-in analysis using state of the art artificial intelligence, it is able to learn from your body to develop workout plans to ensure you are able to meet your goals faster.

  • What Models Are Available?

Tonal comes in a single model. It is an all-in-one piece of workout equipment that delivers full-body strength training.

It offers built-in personal training with a very aesthetically pleasing design with a very limited footprint. Tonal is capable of delivering video coaching with step by step instructions for each exercise and for a motivational boost.

  • Specs

Tonal is capable of delivering up to 100 pounds of tension per arm. It features built-in WiFi (802.11ac). It also features Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology. It comes with built-in 15W stereo speakers.

  • Does Tonal Offer Live Coaching/Workouts?

No. Tonal doesn’t offer any live classes. Instead, you get to choose from over 200 workouts.

Winner: Echelon Reflect (Due to having live workouts and coaching)

Workout Overview: Which Mirror is More Complete?

Reflect Workout Options

one on one live training with the reflect

The Echelon Reflect offers the ability to participate in all kinds of workouts with the assistance of the technology and the personal trainer or class instructor. You will be able to participate in a variety of different bodyweight workouts including yoga, high energy cardio, strength, and even boxing workouts. There is plenty to like about the workout experience provided by the Reflect. You are able to choose from either Live or On-Demand workout classes that interest you.

The mirror works with various heart rate monitors which will sync with the Reflect and show you the readings during your workouts. Echelon tries to ‘gamify’ your workouts by allowing you to earn points for every minute you spend in specific zones based on your heart rate during your workouts. In the end, it will showcase how well your workout went based on your score.

The biggest downside associated with the Reflect is that you are primarily limited to bodyweight exercises. If you want to incorporate strength training, you will need to purchase your own weights.

See all Reflect workout options at their website.

Tonal Workout Options

Tonal provides a complete all-in-one workout experience for those who are looking for something to cover all of their home workout needs. With Tonal, you have built-in strength training. This is the very basis of Tonal due to strength training being the “foundation to any fitness routine.” With Tonal, you are able to choose from over 200 On-Demand workouts to participate in. Luckily, you aren’t limited to only strength training. You can choose from cardio classes, yoga classes, and you can even create your own custom workouts. Best of all, Tonal has artificial intelligence built-in that will learn your behaviors and about your strengths and weaknesses to ensure you are optimizing your workouts.

Tonal even has the ability to track your workouts which can help you focus more on your workouts and less on counting repetitions, tracking sets, tracking weights, and more.

Winner: Tie

Price Overview: Is the Echelon Reflect Cheaper than Tonal?

Echelon Reflect Pricing

The Echelon Reflect comes in two different models. The 40” version starts at $1,039.98. The 50” version is available at $1,639.98. Each comes with the ability to add a discounted annual subscription or two-year subscription to gain access to live and on-demand classes. The monthly cost for a subscription to Reflect is $39.99 per month.

Tonal Pricing

Tonal comes in a single variant and it is available at $2,995. You will need to pay an additional $49 per month to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

As you can see, Tonal is more expensive even when compared to the higher end Echelon Reflect product. However, Tonal is an all-in-one comprehensive workout machine. Whereas, the Echelon Reflect is a smart connected mirror and personal coaching product. Therefore, you do need to invest in additional weights and accessories for some workouts with the Reflect. Even after these expenses are factored in, the Tonal is the more expensive piece of workout equipment. However, they provided different use-cases.

Winner: Echelon Reflect

Summary: Which is Better?

While both products provide incredible home workout experiences, we believe the Echelon Reflect is the more versatile of the two. With the Reflect, not only are you getting a cheaper and more affordable entry-level price point, but you are getting a more versatile offering. With more workouts to choose from and more ways to use it, you can do more with it.

Likewise, it comes with both Live and On-Demand classes that you can take advantage of which can help motivate you and bring you towards your fitness goals faster.

Perhaps the best part about the Echelon Reflect is the ecosystem they have established with the brand. You can pair the Reflect with their smart and Echelon Connect bikes or rowers which will allow you to further take advantage of the built-in features of the mirror. Also, your Reflect monthly membership works with your bike or rower membership which can cut your monthly costs down.

Therefore, if you already have an Echelon machine, the choice is easy. Get more details at their website:

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