best spin bikes that work with peloton

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Peloton has surged in popularity. As more and more people recognize the many benefits of at-home fitness, Peloton is gaining subscribers at a feverish pace. They managed to reach the 1 million subscriber mark by gaining a massive 64 percent over last year [1].

The biggest issue facing a lot of consumers which keeps them from hopping on the Peloton bandwagon is the high price tag. Even with Peloton’s recent price cut of $350, it remains one of the most expensive offerings in the market [2].

Luckily, there are ways to get a Peloton-like experience without the high price tag by jumping on a much more budget-friendly exercise bike and leveraging Peloton’s state-of-the-art fitness app that features live and on-demand streaming classes.

In this article, we will be going over some of the bikes specifically designed to work with the Peloton app that can save you a chunk of change while simultaneously delivering a great experience.

Top 5 Spin Bikes That Work with Peloton App

  1. Bowflex VeloCore
  2. Bowflex C6
  3.  Schwinn IC4
  4. Keiser M3i
  5. Echelon EX3

1. Bowflex VeloCore

the Bowflex VeloCore is our top pick

Bowflex VeloCore (review) is a revolutionary product created by one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Bowflex is well known for pushing the boundaries for its product line and the VeloCore is no exception.

The VeloCore takes the traditional stationary cycling experience and adds a completely new element with it’s Leaning Mode.

This new mode creates more immersion than ever before. However, more importantly, it engages the core which a traditional spin bike doesn’t do nearly as well.

  • Lean Mode

As mentioned, this brand new mode helps to create a much more immersive experience and it can help to engage more muscles than with a traditional bike. This is something you cannot get even on the most expensive Peloton bike.

  • Immersive Display

You can choose from either a 16-inch or 22-inch immersive touchscreen. This will enable you to take advantage of virtual trainers and on-demand or live classes from Peloton.

  • JRNY, Peloton, and Other Apps

With a Bowflex, you are getting access to Bowflex’s very own JRNY app which can provide adaptive workouts and friendly virtual coaching.

However, you are also gaining access to the immersive Explore the World app which can be magically when used in combination with the innovative Leaning Mode.

Also, this bike is compatible with the Peloton app which means you can take advantage of the built-in 16-inch or 22-inch immersive high definition touchscreen.

2. Bowflex C6 Bike

The c6 is our second choice

The Bowflex C6 bike (see review) is Bowflex’s answer to the Peloton bike. It was designed from the ground-up to be compatible and comparable to the Peloton bike. Therefore, it should be seen as one of the best budget-friendly alternatives to the Peloton bike while offering a similar experience.

  • Smooth and Quiet Ride

If you are after the Peloton experience and the smooth and quiet performance it offers, the C6 offers all of that at a fraction of the cost. If you aren’t necessarily looking for a bike with the innovative Lean Mode and you want something comparable to the Peloton, this is perhaps one of the best values available.

Best of all, you get the same magnetic resistance with 100 micro-adjustable levels that you would get from the higher-priced bikes.

  • App Compatibility

Like the VeloCore, you are getting full app compatibility with the Peloton app and various other intuitive apps. Meaning, you will be able to take advantage of all of the things these apps offer.

For those with a tablet that they can readily use for their bike, it might be in your best interest to save the money by purchasing the C6.

Bowflex can offer such a complete solution because it cut the cost of adding a high definition quality display.

Check latest C6 prices at Bowflex website.

3. Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC4 is the 3rd best option that works with Peloton

Schwinn is another brand that you should be considering as a viable Peloton alternative. Schwinn is made by the same umbrella company that designs the Bowflex line.

Therefore, you are getting a value-packed alternative to the Peloton at an affordable price from a reliable brand and company.

  • Performance

With the Schwinn IC4, you are getting smooth magnetic resistance with 100 micro-adjustable levels. Meaning, you are not going to be sacrificing much when it comes to the performance of the bike itself. With a budget alternative, you likely want to pick from a bike that cuts costs elsewhere.

That is exactly what the IC4 is doing as it doesn’t come with a built-in expensive display. This is where Schwinn can cut costs without sacrificing performance.

  • Build Quality

With the Schwinn, you are getting dual-link pedals with toe cages, an integrated device holder, premium grip handlebars, and even built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you won’t be having to sacrifice build quality or durability if you opt for the IC4 over the Peloton.

  • App Compatibility

You are getting a bike that is designed to work with various cycling apps including Peloton’s official app and even the Explore the World app.

Therefore, you are getting a value-packed bike that can turn into a cost effective Peloton alternative if you add your tablet to the built-in device holder.

See current IC4 prices at Schwinn website.

4. Keiser M3i

Keiser is in 4th place

The M3i is another bike that you could be considering over the Peloton as an affordable alternative. The M3i has an ergonomic design and excellent performance delivering an experience that is very much similar to the Peloton experience.

  • Design and Performance

This bike features a V-shape frame that offers excellent ergonomics for all riders no matter the shape or size. This means that it can be comfortable to ride for longer periods.

  • Fitness Apps

With this bike, you are getting access to numerous apps. This makes it not only a viable Peloton alternative, but it also makes it offer superior value to the Peloton.

With access to Zwift, Peloton, and Keiser M services app, there is no shortage of fitness apps that you can run through.

See current Keiser prices at Amazon.

5. Echelon EX3

Echelon Ex3 rounds out the top 5

The Echelon EX3 (see review) is touted as a cheaper Peloton alternative. Echelon did a great job building a viable Peloton alternative without sacrificing much for fairly significant cost savings.

At nearly half the price, you are getting the same magnetic resistance, comfortable and adjustable seating, ergonomic handlebars, and caged pedals.

  • More Choice

With this bike, you will be able to leverage Echelon’s very own fitness app with daily live fitness classes. Along with this, you will have the ability to use Peloton’s industry-leading app.

Therefore, no matter your preference, you can elevate your fitness with professional live and on-demand instruction.

  • Bring Your Tablet (or Buy the EX5s)

The EX3 can offer a Peloton-like experience at nearly half price because they cut out the need for a high definition display. For anyone that already owns a decent tablet, you can get the same kind of immersive experience by using Echelons built-in device holder.

This will enable you to save a lot of money while not being forced to sacrifice the riding experience.

Check current EX3 prices at the Echelon website.

Summary: Picking The Right Bike For Your Peloton Experience

The truth is, the market is getting much more interesting by the day. More and more brands are coming out with viable Peloton alternatives at cheaper price points than ever before.

This is leading the Peloton experience to become much more accessible to more people. It has arguably even forced Peloton to lower the price of its base model as proven by its recent price drop.

If we had to choose from the various bikes above as the best Peloton alternative, the Bowflex’s two offerings are likely the best options. For those willing and able to spend more, the VeloCore’s value is unmatched. It offers arguably a better experience than even the Peloton itself.

However, the C6 is a good budget-alternative to those seeking a Peloton-like experience without the innovative Leaning Mode that the VeloCore introduced.

You should get the VeloCore if…

  • You want to experience the new Leaning Mode
  • You want a built-in display
  • You are willing to spend more for a better all-around experience

You should get the C6 if…

  • You want a Peloton-like experience without the high price
  • You don’t care about the new Leaning Mode
  • You have your tablet/display that you can use for your bike