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IoEdge™ Software Suite

The IoEdge software suite is designed to operate seamlessly in any form factor, whether it’s a next generation wearable or motion sensors embedded in a moving object.

Our core innovations fuse several complex technologies into a single, powerful, product architecture. We deliver a sophisticated yet power-efficient operating platform designed specifically for applications where it’s important to make motion measureable and less variable. It is designed to solve problems in the manufacturing and fitness industries because the complexity of motions for these users require both continuous, in-the-moment contextual feedback and cloud based analytics to maximize how to improve the way humans move.

94Fifty® Smart Basketball


Powered by InfoMotion Product Features:

Motion Algorithms:  Simply put, we make the most sophisticated, accurate, motion algorithms for fitness applications in the world.  Our products have won numerous global engineering awards and recognition for their accuracy and responsiveness in the most difficult product applications.  

Firmware:  InfoMotion software processes 100 times more events per second faster than any other software.  It is exceptionally fast and power efficient, allowing Powered by InfoMotion software to communicate between any two devices in real time, regardless of size or BLE limitations. It includes a number of other customer-friendly innovations that ensure amazing customer experiences:

  • Button-free device activation
  • Wireless battery recharging to eliminate unnecessary cords.
  • Power efficient processing to extend battery life
  • Automated sleep modes to conserve power when the device is not being used for high intensity activity.
  • Intelligent power management features that include fast booting systems that minimize pairing/connection time.
  • On-demand device connection provides options to connect devices by screen touch, voice command, or automatic reconnection.
  • OS Compatibility. We deliver a consistent connection experience regardless of the target operating system (i.e. Android, iOS)
  • Wireless communication layers that ensure data transfer between objects.
  • Wireless Bluetooth firmware updates to upgrade future firmware enhancements without the need for wires or connecting cables.

API accessibility: To ensure that customer app experiences can be continuously improved with an existing device on the market, IST decoupled the application development from the quality-of-motion algorithm layer. The “Powered by InfoMotion®” suite allows access to the pre-packaged sensor data streams through simple API calls. This feature enables a broad segment of the existing application developer ecosystem to quickly and continuously deliver new, customer facing applications without directly accessing the powerful embedded system capabilities.