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94Fifty launches in time for holiday gift giving and pending basketball season

Dublin, OH (November 6, 2013) – Infomotion Sports Technologies ( announced today the launch of its 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball that measures and diagnoses key skills critical to building confidence, versatility, and success in the game.

The 94Fifty utilizes nine sensors inside the ball to deliver real-time shooting and ball-handling feedback including shot speed, backspin and arc measurements, to an iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth Low Energy, giving players of any skill level the ability to improve important muscle memory skills more efficiently and effectively.

94Fifty includes a companion app, available for iPhone and iPod touch, that allows a young athlete to train on specific skills, work through levels of increasingly difficult workouts, and compete head to head with other players around the world via Twitter.

“We are excited to launch this revolutionary new training tool just in time for the holidays,” said Michael Crowley, CEO of InfoMotion. “94Fifty enables a new type of skill development for young athletes that combines the familiarity of a basketball with new training methods based on game play elements, providing instant feedback and quick level-up opportunities. It provides real, measurable skill development while also helping to build confidence. 94Fifty is the ideal gift that parents can to give to their young athlete or athletes.”

The small suite of sensors inside the regulation size and weight basketball measures skill precisely and quickly utilizes that data to prescribe proven, personalized methods to improve shooting mechanics, shot release speed, shooting arc, power dribbling, hand-speed, mental coordination, and many other skills that have been traditionally impossible to measure.

The 94Fifty App is optimized for iOS 7 with a fresh, clean design and gives athletes the ability to share their achievements with friends, family and coaches via social media.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is available for $299.95 starting today at Apple Retail Stores and online at The 94Fifty App is available for free from the App Store.

94Fifty is the Official Smart Basketball of the National Association of Basketball Coaches and has been endorsed by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

About InfoMotion® Sports Technologies

94Fifty® is the basketball brand of InfoMotion Sports Technologies Inc. (IST). InfoMotion is the world’s pioneering leader for innovating sports products that quantify and digitize muscle-memory based athletic skills and for managing online communities in which our customers can share and compare results. 94Fifty develops sophisticated but cost-effective basketball skill analysis technologies for the mass market. 94Fifty is committed to bringing new information to both elite level and youth level basketball so that players can better develop skills and their coaches and trainers have objective information about their development.

More information can be found at

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