Ergatta or Concept 2

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Working out from home has become more popular than ever, and one of the best workouts you can get comes courtesy of the rowing machine. Ergatta and Concept 2 are two of the more popular machines available, but how can you decide which one is the best choice for you?

We’ve done the research, and we’re here to make your decision much easier.

In a head-to-head battle between Ergatta and Concept 2 who comes out on top? Let’s dig into the details and find out.

Ergatta vs Concept2: Features Head-to-Head Overview

While the Ergatta and Concept 2 are very different from each other, they’re packed full of features you’d expect to find in two very high-quality rowers. Their styles are pretty different, however, so while the Ergatta may have the features one person is looking for, the Concept2 may be the better fit for the next.

Here’s a brief overview of each to give you a better idea of what the Ergatta and Concept have to offer:

Ergatta Features

a look at the features of the Ergatta Rowing Machine

Ergatta is built on a beautiful WaterRower, which is important because they’ve been in the rowing machine business for 30+ years. That means beyond just looking amazing, the Ergatta is built to last.

Here’s a brief overview of the features you can expect when you purchase an Ergatta Rower:

  • Built on a WaterRower: A Company with More than 3 Decades in the Business
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Made from U.S. grown Cherry Hardwood
  • Elegant Build and Design
  • Built to Commercial Grade Standards, but Designed for the Home
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Store upright, making it ideal for small or large spaces
  • Near silent water-generated rowing mechanism
  • 17.3″ HD Touchscreen for Streaming Ergatta Workouts
  • Professional Assembled for You After Delivery
  • Footprint when in use: 86″ x 23″ x 40″
  • Footprint when stored: 86″ x 23″ x 22.5″

See more Ergatta features at their website:

Concept 2 Features

a look at the Concept 2 Model D

The Concept2 is another high-quality machine, that is built to last. That’s probably why they’re so popular in gyms, Olympic training center, and with professional sports teams.

These rowers are the real deal, and as such, you can expect a variety of top-of-the-line features with your purchase:

  • Powered by an Air Resistance Fanned Flywheel
  • Can Adjust How Much Air Enter the Flywheel
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Mobile and Easy to Store
  • PM5 Performance Display Monitor
  • Double Power Coated Finish
  • Comes in Black or White
  • Supports Machine to Machine Racing
  • Connectivity to Smartphones and Devices
  • Can be Used with Popular Rowing Apps
  • Footprint: 8′ x 2′

Learn more and check current Concept2 prices.

The Rowing “Experience” Head-to-Head: A Connected Rower vs a Spartan Experience

Ergatta and Concept 2 offer two very different experiences, but one thing is clear – they are both awesome rowers, they’re both very high-quality, and both are made to last.

The question then becomes, what are you looking for in your rowing experience. If you want a connected rowing experience, where you can compete against fellow rowers, track your progress in real time, and satisfy your competition nature, then Ergatta may be the best fit. If the standard rowing experience is what you’re after, then consider the Concept 2.

Let’s take a deep dive into the experience that each of these rowers offers, so you can get a better about which one will be the right fit for you.

The Ergatta Experience: Gaming Meets Rowing

the Ergatta racing experience

Ergatta’s connected workout is a lot different than what you may be used to. That’s because most “connected” experiences are built around a studio-based workout environment, that is led by instructor.

This isn’t necessarily the experience for everyone, though, and for people looking for something different, Ergatta provides the solution.

Their workout experience is “gaming” inspired, which makes things fun, competitive, and unique. Compete against yourself, other members of the Ergatta community, and get feedback in real time.

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Here’s a bit information more about their gaming-style workout platform:

  • This isn’t a “training” app, it’s a gaming-inspired experience
  • Four different workout programs: Push Programs, Interval Workouts, Race Workouts Open Row
  • Compete against yourself, or other members of the Ergatta community
  • Watch your progress over time, as well as get real-time metrics
  • New software releases every 1-2 weeks
  • Minimum of 5 new workouts released every week
  • Workout levels are calibrated to your personal fitness level
  • All workouts are streamed on the built-in 17.5 inch HD Touchscreen

Learn more about the Ergatta experience at their website.

The Concept 2 Workout Experience

concept 2 PM5 Performance Monitor

While the Concept2 is largely considered a more spartan rowing experience when compared to the high-tech Ergatta, it still has an interactive experience to offer.

WIth their PM5 Performance Monitor you can track your distance, pace, speed, watts, and calories burned. You can also connect to the ErgData app via bluetooth to keep track of your more detailed workout data.

The built-in USB flash drive also allows for machine-to-machine racing. Should you choose, there are also rowing apps that you can use your Concept 2 with, like the CityRow app, for example.

If you’re looking for the fully immersive  rowing experience, then Ergatta is probably the better fit, but if you’re just looking for a machine that can provide an amazing rowing workout, Concept 2 is definitely worth considering.

Pricing Head-to-Head: Is Concept2 or Ergatta More Affordable?

For some, price may be the biggest deciding factor. If you’re simply looking for the cheaper rowing option, then the Concept 2 checks that box, but remember, Ergatta offers a fully immersive gaming experience, so it’s going to cost you a bit more to access those features, no matter which connected rower you pick.

Here are the current pricing details for these rowers at the time of publication:

Ergatta Pricing

Concept 2 Pricing

Final Thoughts: Which Rower Wins Head-to-Head?

When it comes to deciding between the Concept 2 or the Ergatta, I believe it will come down to two key deciding factors:

  • Price: How much are you willing to spend?
  • The Experience: Are you wanting a connected rower, or a more barebones experience?

Reasons to Pick the Concept 2

If you simply want the cheaper of the two rowers, and you aren’t as worried about the workout experience, then Concept 2 may be the right fit. It’s high-quality rowing machine that is trusted by professional sports teams and fitness studios for getting the job done.

It’s compact, easy to store, and great for in-home use.

Get more details and check current Concept 2 pricing.

Reasons to Pick Ergatta

If you want a fully immersive, connected workout experience, that is different from the standard studio-based workouts we’re all used to, then put the Ergatta at the top of your list.

Their “gaming” style workout platform will hit your competitive edge, is fun, and allows you compete head-to-head against other members of the Ergatta community.

It’s a great way to stay motivated, and watch your progress build over time.

Their rower isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for – a beautiful WaterRower built of cherry wood, that looks great and is built to last. They also offer financing packages, for those who don’t want to pay for their rower all at once.

Learn more at the Ergatta website: